Seminar Overview

This Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety training seminar was designed to take the mystery out of wondering if your boiler is safe and operating efficiently, and provides maintenance technicians and  others the confidence and comfort level needed for operating and maintaining their boilers.  For the novice technician needing a well-rounded education and the experienced stationary engineer who needs a refresher course for continuing education, this training program provides a no-nonsense, practical and real world approach for boiler operation, maintenance and safety.  Overall, this program is designed to extend boiler life, improve boiler efficiency, and save energy costs for the employer, while establishing a culture of safe work practices among the employees.

This seminar is $550 per day or $1100 for both daysYou can also combine it with our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration course for a comprehensive 4-day HVAC Workshop.

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Can't make it to a seminar location? This course is also available in our new Simulcast format.  

Day One - Discussion Topics

Day One of the Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety training provides a broad introduction to  boilers, including every-day operation & important safety practices. The course is a great overview for  maintenance technicians, multi-craft tradespeople, building managers, stationary engineers or anyone  who wants to improve their boiler maintenance and operation skills. The goal of the first day of this  Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety training course is to understand basic boiler operation & safety.

Boiler Fundamentals

  • Firetube Boilers
  • Watertube Boilers
  • Cast Iron Boilers
  • High Pressure Boilers
  • Low Pressure Boilers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Hydronic Boilers

Fundamentals of Combustion and Heat transfer

  • Theory of Combustion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Steam Tables

Burner Operation and Control

  • Gas Train
  • Oil Train
  • Standard Burner
  • High Turndown Burner
  • Burner Controls

Boiler Operation and Testing

  • Operator Licensing and Certification
  • Start-Up and Shut-Down
  • Normal Operation
  • Valve Types
  • Safety Valves
  • Low Water Cutoff Controls

Boiler Room Safety

  • Boiler Accidents
  • Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Case Study

  • Safety Valves
  • Confined Spaces
  • Lockout/Tagout

Day Two - Discussion Topics

Day Two is for students who have already taken day one, or already have a good foundation in boiler  operation and safety. In this second day, students learn about important inspection, maintenance and  burner efficiency practices for their commercial, industrial and utility boiler systems. Construction  design standards, boiler inspections, operating control testing and general troubleshooting tips will all be  discussed.  The second day of this program will help you get the maximum life out of your boiler while  keeping it running as efficiently and safely as possible.

Construction and Design Standards

  • ASME Codes
  • NFPA Codes
  • NBIC Code

Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers

  • Water Level Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Fuel Trains

Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial and Industrial Boilers

  • Fireside
  • Waterside
  • Burner
  • Auxiliary Equipment

Boiler and Burner Efficiency

  • Heat Exchanger Efficiency
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Efficiency Tests
  • Condensate Return
  • Steam Traps


  • Burner
  • Controls
  • Additional

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Upon completion of this seminar, the student will receive a certification of completion with 8 classroom hours (.8 TPC Trainco CEUs) per day attended. Visit our continuing education units page to determine if this class is accepted by your state licensing agency.


Optional ATMT® Certification Exam

An ATMT® certification exam is available for this course; students may order it at any time after the training is over. Please visit the ATMT® Testing and Certification page for more information.

Block Purchase Program

If you have a large number of people attending a variety of different training seminars, a block purchase might be right for you. Learn More